Real Estate Investment

A Strategic Approach

Real Estate Investment: A Strategic Approach introduces professional and technical approaches to building and managing large real estate portfolios. The new edition has been fully rewritten and reorganised and includes five new chapters, 25 new international case studies and a renewed focus on topics such PropTech (property technology), innovation and ESG.

Andrew Baum outlines the market and the players who dominate it; the investment process; the vehicles available for investment; and an approach to global portfolio construction, pricing and performance measurement. The book contains many useful features for students, including numerous boxed examples drawing on international cases, a glossary, and chapter summaries.

second EDITION (2021)

Real Estate Investment and finance

Strategies, Structures,  Decisions

The fully revised and updated version of the leading textbook on real estate investment, emphasising real estate cycles and the availability and flow of global capital

Real Estate Investment remains the most influential textbook on the subject, used in top-tier colleges and universities worldwide. Its unique, practical perspective on international real estate investment focusses on real-world techniques which measure, benchmark, forecast and manage property investments as an asset class. The text examines global property markets and real estate cycles, outlines market fundamentals and explains asset pricing and portfolio theory in the context of real estate.


Property Investment Appraisal

This book explains the process of property investment appraisal: the process of estimating both the most likely selling price (market value) and the worth of property investments to individuals or groups of investors (investment value).

Valuations are important. They are used as a surrogate for transactions in the measurement of investment performance and they influence investors and other market operators when transacting property. Valuations need to be trusted by their clients and valuers need to produce rational and objective solutions.  Appraisals of worth are even more important, as they help to determine the prices that should be paid for assets, even in times of crisis, and they can indicate market under- or over-pricing.


The Income Approach to Property Valuation

A classic textbook that has guided generations of students through the intricacies of property valuation, The Income Approach to Property Valuation remains a keen favourite amongst students and teachers alike. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to meet the increasingly international perspectives of modern Real Estate students. The links between theory and practice are clearly demonstrated throughout, with a range of new international case studies and practice-based examples.


Statutory Valuations

Statutory Valuations is the leading UK text dealing with the impact of legislation and case law upon property valuation.

This edition incorporates the impact of the changes in property law in the 1990s, including the effects of leasehold enfranchisement of flats as a result of the 1993 Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act and other changes up to and including the 1996 Housing Act.


Property Investment Depreciation and Obsolescence