The real estate investment manager of the future

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Bond yields and real estate prices – where next?

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updated in 2022 and 2023

The future of automated real estate valuations (AVMs)

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Tokenisation: the future of real estate investment? 

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Technology and the Future of Real Estate Investment Management 

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PropTech 2020:
The future of Real Estate

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Finance for Housing in England

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The Future of Real Estate Transactions

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The Deep Learning Revolution

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Two centuries of farmland prices in England 

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PropTech 3.0:
The future of Real Estate

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Can real estate investors avoid specific risk?

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Performance Persistence in Real Estate Private Equity

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Real Estate Finance

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The Workshop Report 

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The Role of Financial Leverage in the Performance of Private Equity Real Estate Funds

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The use of listed real estate securities in asset management: a literature review and summary of current practical applications

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Are listed real estate stocks managed as part of the real estate allocation? 

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Aligning asset allocation and real estate investment: some lessons from the last cycle

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Understanding the Barriers to Real Estate Investment in Developing Economies

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Sources of alpha and beta in property funds: a case study 

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Depreciation, Income Distribution and the UK REIT 

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Unlisted Property Funds: Supplying Capital To Developing Property Markets?

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Pricing Inefficiencies in Private Real Estate Markets Using Total Return Swaps

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Pricing the options inherent in leased commercial property: the impact of rental growth volatility

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Managing specific risk in property portfolios

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Depreciation in Commercial Property Markets

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Retention rates,
re-investment and depreeciation in European office markets

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Evidence of cycles in European commercial real estate markets – and some hypotheses 

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Space Race: The Contribution of Property Markets To The Competitiveness of London and Frankfurt

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Attribution Analysis of Property Portfolios 

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Ownership, Occupation and Risk: A View of the City of London Office Market 

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Using rental swaps and sales to manage portfolio risk and to fund property development

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