Chapter four resources

Pricing Real Estate and The Investment Process 

Spreadsheets and slides

Excel file

4A Slides

4B slides 


Bond yields and real estate prices – where next?

Property Chronicle, 2018
updated in 2022 and 2023

Depreciation, Income Distribution and the UK REIT 

Baum and Devaney, 2008

Depreciation in Commercial Property Markets – IPF, 2005

IPF, 2005

Retention rates,
re-investment and depreeciation in European office markets

Baum and Turner, 2004

The Causes and Effects of Depreciation in Office Buildings: A Ten Year Update 

Baum and McElhinney, 1997

Videos and podcasts

Living In a Low Interest Rate World

As risk free rates continue down and opinions divide on if they will soon rise or stay low for longer, Professor Andrew Baum outlines the current situation to consider if real estate represents a good value investment or if we are on the edge of a precipice.

The Return Podcast: Inflation

What does inflation mean for real estate investors?