Chapter nine Resources

Real Estate Funds

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Tokenisation: the future of real estate investment?

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Technology and the Future of Real Estate Investment Management

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Performance Persistence in Real Estate Private Equity

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The Role of Financial Leverage in the Performance of Private Equity Real Estate Funds

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The use of listed real estate securities in asset management: a literature review and summary of current practical applications

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Are listed real estate stocks managed as part of the real estate allocation?

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Unlisted Property Funds: Supplying Capital To Developing Property Markets?

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Videos and podcasts

The European Listed Sector

Henley Business School’s Andrew Baum discusses the European listed sector outlook for the next 12 months, what he sees as the biggest threat to the global commercial real estate investment market, as well as what he thinks EPRA’s priorities should be.

The interview takes place at the occasion of the European Public Real Estate Association’s annual conference, held 1-2 September 2011 in London.

About EPRA

The European Public Real Estate Association – is the voice of the publicly traded European real estate sector. With more than 200 active members, EPRA represents over EUR 250 billion of real estate assets and 90% of the market capitalisation of the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe Index. Through the provision of better information to investors, improvement of the general operating environment, encouragement of best practices and the cohesion and strengthening of the industry, EPRA works to encourage greater investment in listed real estate companies in Europe.